Pilot Projects

The PD Programme started with the Government’s commitment to build the four ‘DSPD’ units, for dangerous people with severe personality disorder. The term ‘DSPD’ has been criticised, and these services are now usually called ‘for people who pose a high risk of harm to others’, or simply ‘Tier 6 PD Services’.

The community programme was for specialist local PD services, and 11 pilot projects with different structures were its main product. Most of these are now commissioned by local CCGs as ‘tier 3’ (specialist) services. Five medium secure and community forensic specialist services followed (tier 5). Fourteen ‘Multi Systemic Therapy’ (MST) pilots for children then followed, of which two are in secure settings.

This was ‘phase 1’of the National Personality Development Programme. The phase 1 pilot services were evaluated through 3 studies, with reports available from this site.