The National Personality Disorder Institute is based in Nottingham and is affiliated to the Nottingham Institute of Mental Health.

It is multi-disciplinary, multi-faculty and across universities and brings a major contribution to the research of Personality Disorder.

The work of the Personality Disorder Institute (PDI) is divided into five domains:

  1. Service evaluation and development
    Including the evaluation of current treatment and assessment protocols and the development and trialling of innovative interventions including psychological, psychiatric, pharmacological, social care and self-management and the review and development of delivery models and services… read more
  2. Education and training
    Including professional, service user and carer education and training and wider curriculum development… read more
  3. Organisational evaluation and development
    Including assessment of the organisational capacity of service units and the working practices of staff, the impact of different organisational strategies on the type, level and quality of services delivered, through managed innovation networks… read more
  4. Research methodology, research practice and dissemination
    Including the development of innovative methodologies and research practices targeting both hard to reach and over-researched groups and innovative as well as standard methods of dissemination… read more
  5. Law, policy and ethics
    Including review and critical analysis of new criminal justice, social care and Human Rights legislation and its application to people with personality disorders and the analysis of policy developments… read more