Current Research projects

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It is important for services which address personality disorders to be based on the best available evidence and for this evidence to be widely shared.

Here we provide links to information sources for all interested in developing and using high quality evidence for the provision of services for people with personality difficulties.  Most of the sites cover a full range of research as well as research relating to personality disorder.

We would be very interested in sharing information about high quality research planned, underway or completed which might have an impact on the development and assessment of personality disorder services.

There are four main sections in this research area of the PD website – please see below.

The National PD website cannot accept responsibility for the content of any of these external sites.

We would be pleased to receive suggestions about other useful sites you would like to see highlighted.

Conduct of research

This section includes links to sites with useful information about the conduct of research e.g. obtaining ethical and governance approvals for the conduct of research as well as sources of research funding.

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Sources of information

Links to national evidence and data.

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Useful organisations

Organisations may be useful for anyone considering undertaking research in personality disorder.

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Research completed

This section provides links to research already completed.

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The National Personality Disorder Institute is based in Nottingham and is affiliated to the Nottingham Institute of Mental Health. It is multi-disciplinary, multi-faculty and across universities and brings a major contribution to the research of Personality Disorder.

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