Pathway Press issue 4 shines the light on the Offender PD Strategy from various perspectives

Pathway Press issue 4: With implementation of the Offender PD strategy now firmly underway, this fourth edition of the Pathway Press takes stock of what’s in store between now and March 2015. Shining a spotlight on the strategy from various perspectives along the pathway, we asked colleagues: ‘What will the strategy mean for you?’

  • Rachel Wilson and Terry Kirkby, NOMS and NHS PD co-commissioners for the Mid sector, give us the co-commissioners’ view
  • Sue Ryan from Resettle offers a view on service user involvement
  • Alex Worsman and Nikki Jeffcote at HMP Belmarsh provide the view from a new service on the offender PD pathway
  • Alice Bennett, trainee forensic psychologist at the Westgate Unit at HMP Frankland, gives us the view from an existing treatment site and
  • Tracy Clarke, manager of Crowley House Approved Premises, shares her view from a women’s PIPE.

Share your reflections of what the Offender PD strategy will mean for you by emailing and we’ll include a selection of the best contributions in our next edition!